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Lightroom photo editing, Lightroom formula, Lightroom Preset very unique with a variety of color tones to bring beautiful and impressive photos.

In this small article, Photographer will provide you with the most beautiful and impressive Lightroom photo editing and formula.

What is Lightroom photo editing application?

Application Lightroom photo editing is a photo editing application of Adobe Inc with preeminent and modern features.

Application Lightroom photo editing bring users many interesting experiences in the journey to conquer beautiful images.

Lightroom Can be used on computers and smartphones depending on the needs of customers.

Even so, using the app Lightroom photo editing on phones are increasingly popular because they are convenient.

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How to Download and Add Presets to Lightroom

Preset is an output image file containing parameters that have been previously aligned in the software How to edit beautiful photos and videos.

The use of Presets will save a lot of time in applying Lightroom color formulas and effects to photos.

Download Preset into Lightroom photo editing application

Searching for the keyword Lightroom Preset Free on Google will return you many unexpected results for you to choose from.

In addition, you can also refer to Lightroom color formulas from Fanpge, Group … about taking and editing photos.

create presets, lightroom to edit photos
Create Preset in folder

You can choose color tones such as Brown, Vintage, Cloudy Blue… Most of the recipes will be in the form of Googe Driver links and if you choose for yourself the formula you like, you just need to download it by:

– Click on the direct link to Driver or click the . button Share bottom of screen -> Select open with Safari if you don’t have the Drive app on your phone -> Use Gmail to sign in and Drive.

– Click on the sign icon (…) on the left corner of the screen in the color formula file you want to download -> Select Send a copy -> Save Image.

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How to Add Preset Color Formulas to Lightroom

After downloading, the Lightroom photo formula will be saved in your phone’s photo folder, what you need to do is put the color formula into Lightroom before you can use it.

– Create a folder to save Preset formulas. Then go to Lightroom and click on the . icon (+) -> Select Folder -> To name and press OK.

lightroom photo editing, photo editing app
Add Preset in Lightroom photo editing application

– Go to folder Presets just created, do the same operations to create 2 more photo sets, Photos and Presets.

photo editing, photo editing formula
Continue to perfect the photo editing operations.

– Next, add image files and color formula files to the pages Album -> Keep clicking on the icon (…) -> Photobook Presets -> Select more photos -> Select From photo gallery -> Select the color formulas you just downloaded -> Click OK.

Lightroom color correction on phone with Preset

Step 1

photo editing, presets, Lightroom
Color correction on your phone with Preset

Open the image of the recipe that you want to use, then click on the sign icon (…) in the upper left corner of the screen -> Next select Copy settings (Copy Setrings) -> Click tick.

Step 2

color correction, lightroom color correction with presets
With just 2 simple steps, you have finished editing impressive photos.

Open the image you need to edit, click the sign icon (…) in the left corner of the screen -> Paste Settings (Paste Settings).

How to adjust Lightroom color on phone manually

Layout Alignment

One of the factors that make a successful photo is the composition of the photo.

That’s why before starting to edit the image with the tool, Lightroom photo editing, when there is a crop tool, you can completely rotate left, right or flip the image as you like.

nature, scenery
Align image layout easily on Lightroom photo editing application

How to edit Lightroom photos is really simple if you first know how to align the image.

For selfies, you can also flip through, flip over clearly.

If you use the tool for the first time, the app will automatically align and your job just needs to click the check button to complete.

Edit Meitu photos professionally with basic operations

Mastering photo frame lighting

One of the best ways to edit Lightroom photos is to know how to control the light in your photos.

It should be noted that your photo needs to have enough light in the corners and the subject to stand out and be placed in the strong, strong line according to the rule of thirds.

edit photos, master frame lighting
Always remember to master the lighting of the frame.

For the first time editing photos, you don’t need to worry too much because the Lightroom application will help you save the wrong images.

The important thing you need to pay attention to is to choose the lighting and adjust the related items.

The Lightroom photo editing application provides tools such as exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows, and you can drag them to your liking.

Adjust the color tone accordingly

The next step is to align the color tone to match the image.

When dragging the light, you need to pay attention to adjust the color accordingly.

The color tones are located next to the light section and contain sub-categories such as temperature, tint, density, saturation, etc.

travel, girl
Adjust the light accordingly.

However, it should be noted that you should drag to match the original color of the photo.

In the color mixing section, there are also many colors to pull the density. Also, for portrait images, you should apply orange-light scissors and brighten them.

Create images with effects section

In the effects section of the app Lightroom photo editing, you will need to be more creative to get a satisfactory product.

edit photos, colors, feet
Get creative with photos in the effects section.

The effects section is considered a tool that you cannot ignore and if these videos are just normal, they will not bring attraction and impression to viewers, so the effects help the photo. become more profound and special.

In the effects section of the app Lightroom photo editing, there are parts of texture, clarity, blur effect, noise …

Complete the photo in the details

After adjusting the colors and effects for the photo, you should pay attention to completing the photo with the tools in the details section.

complete the photo
Finish the detailed photo.

Here, you adjust the image in some of the smallest details to make it more beautiful and complete.

A small tip on how to Lightroom photo editing What you should know is that if you want beautiful skin, pull on the mask and reduce the noise.

girl, Lightroom photo editing
Edit photos easily with Lightroom photo editing application.

This is how your skin becomes smoother and more natural.

Analog Film photo editing app and Analog formula make your photos quality!

Lightroom photo editing: Tips for quick batch photo editing on Lightroom

Job Lightroom photo editing will surprise you when it supports batch photo editing in a large number and quickly.

This meets the needs of post-production photos in large quantities, making it easy to save the most time.

Step 1

Combine multiple images with close times, close locations, and similar image parameters for easy editing.

Step 2

Open the Lightroom software on your phone. Then Import multiple images at once as usual and proceed to edit the first photo.

Step 3

After editing the first photo that you feel like, you export the Preser, then Lightroom will show a preset, you save it for later use.

Or save the first image for completeness, then select all the images you want to edit by pressing Ctrl + A -> Sync next to the Reset button so that Lightroom automatically synchronizes the color to match the image you want to edit.

Step 4

Now the app Lightroom photo editing A message will appear with the content Synchronize Settings -> Click Check All to select all parameters -> Synchronize to complete.

In addition, you can then select each image to customize the presets to better suit the image such as brightness and contrast …

Lightroom color correction, very impressive clear color tone

How to correct clear, clear colors with Lightroom will be extremely simple when you apply the editing method Photographer The introduction below applies to members using computers!

Step 1

editing, Lightroom interface on computer
Open the Lightroom photo editing application on your computer to edit.

Open the Lightroom photo editing application on your computer.

Step 2

photo editing, girl, red hat
Proceed to Import the image into the editing application.

Then click on Import to add the image you want to edit.

Continue to find the path of the folder containing the images you want to edit.

Step 3

After selecting the folder containing the images, all the files will be displayed as shown below.

photo editor, photo editor, girl
Start editing.

Notice the Check All and uncheck All section, if you want to select all, click Import and wait.

If you want to edit one or several images, click Uncheck All and select each image again and then select Import.

Step 4

girl, red hat, camera
Click Develop to continue editing.

Next select the shape you want to edit, click Develop to start editing.

Step 5

Download color presets to import them into lightroom presets here: [sociallocker id=1136]Lightroom clear presets[/sociallocker].

Step 6

photo editing, girl, Lightroom
Then apply the downloaded presets.

After you have a preset, you choose any image and choose to apply Preset right away.

Step 7

The finished image will have quite a big difference.

After applying the Preset, you may be fine, then stop. If you want to change, you can also make additional adjustments such as making the sky bluer, or adjust the saturation of the image accordingly.

**Image borrowed from Uncle Tuan Bobby on Dohoafx forum.

Lightroom photo editing: How to save focus, increase sharpness for photos

One of the plus points of the app Lightroom photo editing The key is to be able to edit carefree without loss of image quality.

girl, reed
Edit photos on Lightroom application with effective sharpening functions.

To save focus, increase sharpness for photos with Lightroom photo editing application, you need to use Sharpening tool.

Step 1

Open the image to be edited on the Lightroom photo editing application.

Step 2

Hold down the ALT key and drag the masking bar to get the focus right. Continue increasing the Radius and Amount bars.

Step 3

At this step, you need to note that if you adjust the portrait, you should drag the Amount bar to the right, avoiding the case that when you pull up a lot, it will be grainy.

photo editing, girl, reed
Saving focus on the Lightroom photo editing application does not reduce the quality of the image.

In addition, when increasing the sharpness of the image, you should set the Noise bar to a low level to increase the grain of the sharpness, avoiding the phenomenon of noise increase, causing the image to be blurred and out of focus.

Step 4

Once you’ve got the focus right and increased it appropriately, you can lower the Clarity bar on the Basic section to make the skin smoother.

Lightroom color formula, beautiful and impressive Lightroom Preset for phones

Lightroom Color Formula, #1 Lightroom Preset

girl, sky, blonde hair

Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset #2

girl, beach, blonde hair

Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset #3


Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset No. 4

girl, close your eyes

Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset No. 5

girl, blue dress, swimming pool

Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset No. 6

Blonde girl

Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset No. 7

girl, pose

Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset No. 8

girl, cafe, sky

Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset No. 9

girl, Hoi An bridge

Lightroom Color Formula, Lightroom Preset No. 10

girl, too coffee, selfie

Hopefully with these little knowledge Photographer provided in this article will help you easily get acquainted with the application Lightroom photo editing as well as owning yourself the most impressive color formulas.

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